I have used Hud’s for all my auto repairs for 20 years. He’s very good, very dependable and honest. A great guy and great service.


I have gone to Hud’s for a year and a half. He’s honest and does good work. His prices are fair and his location is easy to get to. I will keep using him for my auto repair service.


I told my husband that the customer service at your shop is second to none and that I’m so thankful for y’all and ALL of your employees… this is a very rare find this day and time.


I like using Hud’s because they are personable. I like Aaron and know him personally and he knows my vehicle. There’s nothing Hud or Aaron hasn’t fixed. Hud has always provided great service.


I have used Hud’s for 3-4 years. He’s honest, fair, prices are great. Don’t trust anyone else.


I have been going to Hud’s for about 8 years. I know him and they do a great job. They do quality work.


I have used Hud’s for about 8 years. I like Hud’s because they are honest, dependable and have a great price. They have always taken care of every repair.


I have used Hud’s for 2 years. They are up straight and forward and quick. The most important thing is their honesty.


Hud is a good guy and gets the work done. I have been using them for over 10 years.


I like Hud’s because of their honesty and great prices. I have used Hud’s for nearly 20 years. They have always provided great service.


Hud is a great guy. I have been using him for many years. He does good work and is an all around good man.


I like using Hud because he’s honest, trustworthy and has great workmanship.


I have used Hud’s for 8 – 10 years. He’s honest and can take care of all my auto repair needs.
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