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Anti-Lock Brakes Care- Huds Auto Service-Auto Repair Lubbock

Anti-lock brakes are sensitive to moisture, which can ruin the ABS pump and rot the brake lines from the inside.  Since brake fluid attracts moisture, it should be “bled” or purged at least every three years.    

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How Your Driving Affects Tires-Huds Auto Service-Auto Repair Lubbock

High speed generates excessive heat, which increases the rate of tire wear and reduces the tire’s durability.  Drive the speed limit to save your tires!!!  

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Turning Steering Wheel-Huds Auto Service-Auto Repair Lubbock

When turning your steering wheel, do not hold it in an extreme right or left position for more than a few seconds. Doing this can cause damage to the power-steering pump.

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Accelerating-Hud’s Auto Service-Auto Repair Lubbock

To avoid unnecessary repairs try to accelerate slowly when you begin your drive.  The most wear to the engine and drive train occurs in the first ten to twenty minutes of operation.

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Check Your Power Steering-Huds Auto Service-Auto Repair Lubbock

Power steering fluid should be changed every three years or 50,000 miles.  You can check the level visually or follow the dipstick method, low power steering fluid may indicate a leak.

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Replace Your Car’s Air Filter-Huds Auto Service-Auto Repair Lubbock

Be sure to replace your vehicle’s air filter, when the air filter clogs with dirt dust and bugs,it will cause your engine to work harder and so in turn your vehicle becomes less fuel efficient.

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Get A Tune Up- Hud’s Auto Service-Auto Repair Lubbock

Getting a tune up can boost gas mileage, be sure to get regular tune-ups.  Watch for worn spark plugs too, a misfiring spark plug can reduce your car’s fuel efficiency.  

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Fill Up With Lower Octane Gas-Huds Auto Service-Auto Repair Lubbock

Here is a fuel/money saving tip regarding fuel, Buy the lowest grade or octane of gas that is right for your car.  Unless your car requires premium gas, filling up your car with high-octane fuel is a waste of money. … Continue reading

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Door And Window Seals-Huds Autoservice Lubbock-Auto Repair

Wipe a rubber protectant or silicone on door and window weatherstripping to keep it in good condition.  Regular cleaning and treatment of your car’s weatherstripping will lessen the likelihood of you door sticking to its rubber seal in cold weather. … Continue reading

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Use Your Fog Lights-Hud’s Auto Service-Auto Repair Lubbock

Fog lights can cut through water vapor better than regular headlights.  They are mounted low on the car to prevent bounce-back glare off the mist that is why high beams are your worst choice.

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