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Springtime Tip Check Your Brakes-Huds Auto Service-Auto Repair Lubbock

After the cold winter be sure to check your brakes.  A warning sign that your brakes need to be replaced might be brake noises including excessive grinding, squealing, screeching or chatter.

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Springtime Car Tip-Huds Auto Service-Car Care Lubbock

With Spring coming make sure and change your wipers.  Your wipers work hard all winter.  It is a good idea to replace them in the spring to be ready for April showers.

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Your Car’s Engine-Huds Auto Service-Auto Repair Lubbock

Do not race your car’s engine at start-up, this is a quick way to add years of wear to your engine, especially if it’s cold outside.  

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Battery-Huds Auto Service-Auto Repair Lubbock

With colder temperature approaching make sure your battery is up to par.  Check your battery terminals, you can remove any corrosion with a toothbrush and a mix of baking soda and water.    

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Turn On The AC In Winter-Huds Auto Service-Auto Repair Lubbock

Run the air-conditioning while defrosting the windshield, AC air is dry so it will take the moisture out of the air by dehumidifying as it cools.  If you are cold, adjust the temperature so that the AC pumps out warm … Continue reading

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